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Yoga Retreat weekend 09 - 11 October 2020


A retreat focused on feeling inside a spectacular Villa in which as soon as you enter  you will feel the peace of being in an oasis.  Through a path of self-knowledge and mental rest you will be able to recharge the energy lost in the day to day.

We will use ancient and modern techniques to help you in your personal growth,  increasing physical, emotional and mental performance, generating new healthy habits in full contact with the Mediterranean Sea. 

* It is not required to know the disciplines, each participant sets their own pace.



Concentration, well-deserved rest, increased physical endurance, improved circulation and memory, awareness and control of your emotional state, full relaxation,  personalized keys for your food.  



  Synthesis yoga, Chi Kung, traditional Chinese therapy, pranayama, meditation, guided relaxation, breathing  aware,  Body bioenergetics, personalized nutrition, oriental massage techniques.  



FRIDAY AFTERNOON: reception from 5pm. Healthy snack!

7:00 p.m. Presentation of the team, program of activities and objectives of the retreat.

19:30 First activity: GROUP CONNECTION. Very fun exercises to get to know and get to know you, listen and listen to you.

21:00 Healthy dinner that will surprise you.

22:00 Introduction to meditation  ADVAITA VEDANTA.



7:00 We get up to receive the sun with a CHIKUNG practice in the open air.  (1.5 hours)

8:30 Energy breakfast.

FROM 9:00 TO 10:00 Break.

10:00 Informative talk: Keys to personalized nutrition. Bases of energetic nutrition. Spring detox diet. Clarifications and questions. 2h

12:00 Synthesis yoga that we will start  Pranayama  (Yogic Techniques  breathing). (1.5 hours)

14:00 Conscious meal. Break.

16:30 Rhythm and consciousness. Body expression. master music!

18:00 Meditation techniques for day to day.

19:00 CHIKUNG class: BALANCING THE WATER ELEMENT . Introduction theory about the water element in Chinese medicine and practice of its flow and control.




7:00 Pranayama and Nadis cleansing. HINDU CHAI. Sun salutation and psychophysical gymnastics. Meditation.

8:30 Conscious Breakfast

10:30 BIOENERGETICS: Release of body blockages. Break.

12:00 Stretching  and Thai massage techniques  by pairs.

13:00 Guided relaxation and review of the techniques learned: Generating new habits.

14:00 Lunch and farewell.

Information and reservations whatsapp  610347349


It is a retreat of relaxation and self-knowledge, sharing bedrooms and coexistence in a villa

spectacular 1,000 m2, 8 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, common areas, large pool, chillout beds and spectacular gardens together with other people like you who are looking for a different retreat, connecting with nature, in the privacy of a spectacular tropical villa, next to the beach, with full board.

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