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Fresh air and let life surprise you!

SINGLE YOGA-TANTRA VACATIONS, will be the vacation of your life, sharing in a villa

spectacular 1,000 m2, 8 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, common areas, large pool, chillout beds and spectacular gardens together with 30 other singles like you who are looking for a different vacation, connecting with nature, in the privacy of a spectacular tropical villa , next to the beach, with full board and a program of activities that you can join or simply relax, meet people and let yourself go.

HUGGING US is a beautiful Tantra workshop that we have designed with great enthusiasm so that you can enjoy it with a friend or workshop partner.
A workshop created for the understanding of the other and of oneself, to go deeper in your relationships, to learn to listen to you much better, to understand you in a more intimate, loving way, with greater respect and dedication.
And if you do not have a partner, but you are interested in discovering how to create a conscious relationship based on Unconditional Love, come accompanied by a friend or alone and allow yourself to live this experience as well.

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